„In an age of screen addiction, digital sensory overload and low-quality disposable plastic toys, it’s even more important to offer little ones a fun, durable and versatile toy.“

– Founder of Timio

Founded: 2017
Brand owner: Basile Fattal
Target group: From 2 years old to school age

Technical toys

Educational toys

Technical toys

Educational toys

A screen-free, interactive and educational audio player which grows with your child’s success in learning from toddler stage to primary school age. TIMIO further expands children’s imagination and expressiveness and broadens their vocabulary. But that’s not all: TIMIO knows the alphabet, numbers, colours and shapes, tells exciting stories, knows lots of songs and makes numerous different noises. All in eight languages!

Interactive operation – so simple it’s child’s play

TIMIO is ready for immediate use – it doesn’t require an internet connection or power supply. It doesn’t need a charger at all, making it fully mobile.

Simply switch it on at the back, select one of the 8 languages and put on the disc. It doesn’t matter which way the magnetic disc is facing when you put it on. This does not affect the function of the disc. You can hear sounds, words, songs and stories simply by tapping one of the symbols. What’s more, TIMIO is able to ask quiz questions.

The concept of TIMIO is so intuitive that even the smallest hands can play with it by themselves. They don’t need an adult’s help in operating it. With its ergonomic handle, TIMIO will become a constant companion for kids on car, train or plane journeys.

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TIMIO supports your child’s natural development with lots of stimulation

Products from TIMIO offer fun, exciting and engaging content such as sounds, quiz questions, vocabulary, children’s songs, stories and fairytales for different age groups on a variety of topics. What’s more, subject-specific discs on topics such as animals, alphabet, numbers, colours and instrument are available in several languages. In the languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Mandarin – TIMIO offers over six hours of edutainment in each of these eight languages.

Every child is unique and develops in their own way and at their own pace. Children’s knowledge of the world is constantly expanding. In doing so, they observe, compare, draw connections, consider and develop an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge. Hearing and listening are already an important way of learning, even for the tiniest of tots. As they grow and gain in practice, they are able to distinguish and describe different sounds and noises. TIMIO supports their sense of hearing and ability to listen with its wide range of topics, developing their language skills and cognitive-social abilities in the process. Furthermore, their motor skills are also promoted by putting on the disc and tapping its contents.

Older children are often interested in answering quiz questions and listening to entertaining stories or music that gets them dancing. What’s more, discovering new languages can promote a sense of diversity and cultural awareness.

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A loyal, long-term companion

The TIMIO audio player and its special features:

  • Suitable for an age group from 2 to 6 years.
  • Contains over 6 hours of edutainment per language
  • Equipped with an on/off switch and automatic switch-off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Function to activate and deactivate the quiz mode.
  • Language selection function for content in 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese.
  • Practical for on-the-go with its ergonomic handle and handy disc storage bag.
  • Headphone jack
  • 12 LED lights in different colours for visually appealing playtime fun.
  • 3 volume settings
  • With 3 normal or rechargeable AA batteries – no charger required
  • Children’s toy made of food grade BPA-free plastic

All expansion discs promote the child’s vocabulary, intellect and imagination.

Furthermore, wired children’s headphones are also available from TIMIO – for entertainment without interruption suitably designed and explicitly intended for children.

For children, this provides moments of acoustic relief from the environment around them, while allowing adults the chance to get on with everyday tasks in their normal, peaceful environment.

Its structure is stable and robust and can be precisely adjusted to the size of the child’s head. As the child grows, the headphones can be readjusted as required. Suitable for children aged 3-12 years. Their long-lasting comfort will continue through years of use – with their moderate contact pressure and soft pads. The ear pads are made of soft faux leather, which makes them very comfortable to wear. TIMIO children’s headphones also offer automatic volume control or limiting to 85 dB. Furthermore, they are idea for the smallest children: With a weight of only 120g, they are very lightweight, foldable and compact – they fit perfectly in any bag.

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Fun with linguistic, motor and cognitive development

  1. Cognitive development

Cognitive development refers to the changes that occur in cognitive processes and knowledge – perception and thinking, imagination and problem solving.

TIMIO promotes cognitive development according to the child’s needs and abilities in many important areas of life. No matter which stage of development the child has reached, their memory, concentration, attention span and perception will be supported by the following styles of play:

  • Recognising sounds
  • Learning the alphabet
  • Learning numbers
  • Singing along with or echoing songs
  • Matching and distinguishing shapes
  • Learning colours
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Choosing from options
  • Learning words
  • Learning languages
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  1. Speach and language development

Learning to speak is supported by five different activities: Observing, listening, discovering, imitating, forming and formulating.

Play is very important for the development of speech and language. All of these five activities mean that children can play with TIMIO from infancy:

  • The child looks at the pictures on the TIMIO discs,
  • while listening to the sounds, words, songs and stories.
  • They discover more of TIMIO’s wide selection of content on the discs.
  • Looking and listening is rewarding as the child begins to imitate TIMIO’s sounds and words.
  • Finally, the child compiles everything they have learned and forms or formulates their own words in order to play or communicate.
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  1. Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills refer to the coordination of small muscles in making movements – usually the synchronisation of the hands and fingers – with the eyes.

Playing with TIMIO promotes fine motor skills as the child must select a disc, place it on the TIMIO and tap a symbol. The layout is so simple that the product can even be operated by the hands of very small children.

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  1. Imagination and fantasy

Both of these qualities come naturally to children as they blur the boundaries between the real and the imagined to open up brand new worlds. They provide the foundations for creativity, which will be very important in later life.

With TIMIO, playtime is supported with sounds, tones and noises, sparking children’s visual imagination of a situation. Furthermore, listening to fairytales, stories and nursery rhymes challenges children to process and interpret what they have heard.

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