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Toynamics management on the ground at the Polish-Ukrainian border


Press release, Mücke, 10/03/2022

Toynamics, led by Dennis Gies, held a special promotion in casino

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games to collect aid to Ukraine. Thus, many were able to earn on this and at the same time invest in humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Members of the Toynamics team, including CEO Dennis Gies, were able to transport supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border last Friday as part of a humanitarian aid campaign. Food, toys and beds were delivered in Lviv, some of which were successfully transferred on to the heavily besieged city of Mariupol. On the journey back, five mothers and their children could be brought to safety by the Toynamics team.


Urgent assistance on the ground

“In this terrible time of war, we would like to accept our social responsibility and provide help for the victims affected by the war, and that includes children and women. It is important to us to get supplies to the besieged areas quickly and safely, which is why we organised their transportation ourselves within our team,” explains Dennis Gies.

Approx. 2,200 jars of baby food, approx. 250 kg baby formula, 4,000 stuffed toys, blankets and other food were delivered as part of the relief campaign. The relief supplies, which had a value of over €50,000, were accepted by the Ukrainian military in Lviv and distributed to the embattled areas by lorry. In addition to this, Toynamics donated 2,000 children’s day beds.

Five women and their children brought to safety

Five women and their eight children could be safely brought to Germany by the Toynamics team. Here they have since been provided with accommodation, either with friends or in flats allocated to them. “The women and children are now safe, but they want nothing more than to return to their homeland, which will hopefully find peace as soon as possible,” Gies reports.


About Toynamics

Since its evolution from Hape International AG and Käthe Kruse GmbH and its development from a mono-label to a multi-brand distributor in 2019, Toynamics Europe GmbH has been able to offer attractive added value – including innovative POS concepts, consistent product range management as well as a comprehensive distribution network, marketing support and logistics services. Thanks to its variety of brands and products, the Toynamics Group is able to set new standards in the toy industry and impresses with its exceptional quality as well as its extremely innovative range, which encompasses a wide variety of product categories. Toynamics is present in 11 countries with the brands Hape, Baby Einstein, Käthe Kruse, TIMIO, Nebulous Stars, beleduc, Kruselings, DinosArt, SkipHop as well as the new brand Korko, introduced in 2022.