From hand-made craftsmanship to production

As a member of the Hape group, we are part of a global network. This provides us firstly with our own highly qualified production facilities worldwide and secondly with long-term, reliable partner companies we can depend on. With this global network, exclusive hand-made craftsmanship can be produced in small manufacturing companies, while large scale production can be carried out in the most modern production facilities in the most effective and efficient way.

Guaranteed safety and premium quality

For our family of companies, product safety is a primary focus. Our aim is to guarantee the all-round safe use of our products for children. Depending on the product characteristics, we perform tests both in our own laboratories as well as in external, qualified test institutes. Furthermore, many products are also subject to additional practical testing by experts both old and young before market launch.

Highly efficient processes

Our production facilities are distinguished by their highly modern, automated processes: Our in-house team of engineers develop custom-built machines that implement innovative techniques and optimise product manufacturing while being fully automated within the framework of Industry 4.0. With our highly efficient processes, we can guarantee optimal production while placing the greatest importance on excellent quality.

Social responsibility

At our in-house production facilities, we perform our work in accordance with European standards and can track our entire supply chain thanks to the nature of our group of companies. For this reason, our philosophy is based on social equality and fair working conditions on an international level.

With our decades of experience and personal expertise, we are not only the wood experts in the toy market, we also have many years of experience with other materials such as textiles and plastic, making us your ideal partner for all categories within the toy industry.

The materials we use include


Sustainable innovations

Our entire group of companies bases its success in this field firstly on our continuous developments towards modernisation and digitalisation, and secondly on our ongoing work on and with innovative materials. In doing so, our focus lies on the use of sustainable alternatives and more familiar materials, always with a view towards ensuring maximum safety and quality. We are supported by a varied range of experts in a range of fields, while also working together with selected, renowned universities.