As an experienced distributor, manufacturer and service provider in one, we can offer you our services for everything from the product development of your own design (OEM) to developing and designing products specifically for you (ODM). In doing so, we have access to a wide network of suppliers as well as our own production facilities. With our group of companies, we provide services in a wide range of areas:


Wooden toys
Made of any imaginable type of wood, from plywood to solid wood, or in a combination of different materials
Baby and children`s furniture
From a simple cupboard to an elaborately designed baby crib
Fabric toys
Sustainable, certified textiles, recycled materials, elaborately woven fabrics, individual piece-dyed production, and durable and efficiently manufactured items
Stuffed animals
Everything from completely vegan, sustainable materials to good-value, high-efficiency production quality
Vinyl and fabric dolls
From elaborate hand-made craftsmanship in limited quantities to efficient large-batch production
Other textiles
Baby/children's clothing, doll clothing, children’s bedspreads...
In a wide range of different sizes, shapes, colours and materials
Outdoor play equipment
equipment From small to large (Alternative: both certified for nurseries or for private use )
Plastic toys
Both injection moulding as well as thermoforming with a range of different innovative materials such as organic plastic, WPC, rice husk plastic, recyclates and many more

From idea to product

Idea & development

On the basis of our many years of experience, we are able create a pre-developed product for you or, alternatively, support you throughout the entire process from the very beginning: From a small collection with rough product ideas to 360° brand development and positioning, we are here to support you as your experienced partner. With the expertise from the global network of our family of companies, we are happy to advise you with respect to potential markets and develop individual concepts for your product or range with you.


Your idea will be sent to our Design Teams, who will allow it take a concrete shape: Our designers work with highly detailed, hand-drawn sketches and complement these with concrete 3D CRD models. Our Design Teams at our locations in China, Sweden, Norway and Italy are specialised in different areas and can respond with their experience and expertise to the respective products with an agility allowed by this structure. Within this creative process, however, we are always focussed on the target price in order to be able to present you with the optimum end result. We can devise the optimal design for your product together with you, entirely according to your individual wishes and ideas.

Creation of prototypes

Once the product has taken shape, we move onto creating the initial prototypes – with an early focus on quality and safety in terms of the materials and design. In doing so, we make sure that the initial creation of the product is already carried out in the planned production location with a view to maximum efficiency. At the same time, we can also offer you a wide colour chart for an optimal CI thanks to our colour lab dip available for each material, which ensures we are able to create an all-round optimum product, both in terms of cost as well as the design as a whole.

Quality and safety

During the different process steps, we can rely on our experienced long-term employees and partners, who constantly check and critically scrutinise the individual steps to ensure the highest quality and safety on the basis of their extensive expertise. We also have the possibility of performing internal tests for compliance with international safety standards based on your requirements. These can be performed globally for a wide range of markets and on the basis of many different certificates, internally or externally by recognised testing institutes. We are also available to provide you with advice on this subject.


Alongside the product design and pricing, the packaging is also essential for successful marketing. No matter whether the concept is simple or complex, sustainable or cost-efficient, with or without the added value of providing a further use, we can offer you the perfectly designed packaging for your respective product. We guarantee ready-to-sell packaging for your product with all the necessary legal information and age-appropriate indications.


Our services as a manufacturer are characterised not only by our decades of experience but also by the highest technical efficiency. Among other things, we rely on our own optimised mechanical engineering as well as on the continuous optimisation and innovation of our production processes. In terms of production, with our own sites in China, Latvia and Romania, we can rely not only on German standards, but also on a global network of suppliers in a wide range of fields. In doing so, we place great importance on being able to fulfil and guarantee our company values in terms of quality and safety as well as sustainable, social ideas and actions.


We will support you as your experienced, long-term partner at every step of the way. In doing so, reliability is our first priority: Meeting delivery dates, guaranteeing quality and safety, finding solutions to challenges within the process and bringing products to market successfully as your long-term partner are a matter of course for us Successful and long-term partnerships are always at the heart of everything we do in this process.

What happens next?

Following the successful development of a production tailored to your needs, we also go through any further steps together with you in terms of the additional benefits we can offer you as a service provider. Find out more about our different services here:


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